Why are village people more happy, healthy, prosperous and enjoy longevity compared to city people?

Village people are happy mainly because most of them do not follow Facebook to constantly compare their lives with those of their friends living abroad or earning a few bucks more.

They are healthy because they eat natural and organic food instead of junk food, work their asses off in fields instead of sitting all day in an air conditioned cubicle, move from place to place by walk and not by swanky bikes or cars, and play physical games and not video games.

They are prosperous because they spend well within their means and mostly on essentials, and do not have credit cards to swipe and splurge money on unwanted gadgets just to look cool.

We are a Home stay host in the beautiful valley of Kanda,Uttrakhand.

We are a host and help to our community who run micro projects
through our volunteers’ funds
Knowledge, and skills. We would like to reach out to international
students, volunteers, social activists, Eco and budget tourists.
You are welcome to stay in Rose Home Stay.. We host volunteers as a tourist
according the Government rule.


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