Success Story of Hema Advanced Scientific Method Goat Breeding Unit Sunargaon, Kanda,

Taking forward the promise of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji in doubling farmer’s income by 2022.
Doubling rural farmer’s income through Goat farming in rural Uttarakhand.India.
Goat has been playing multiple roles in the livelihood of the rural people by providing income, employment, nutrition, supporting crop production and risk aversion in case of crop failure. Landless men and women are increasingly relying on goat keeping for their socio-economic upliftment.
Breeding Policy for Goat Uttarakhand
Breeding Policy for Goat state that selective breeding will be done among local goat breeds. In the region breeds will be upgrade by Crossbreeding with Barbari and Jamunapari breeds of goat.
Under the scheme Gopal Ratna Jeevan Lal Verma (Hema Advanced Goat Breeding Model Pilot Demonstration Unit), Village- Sunargaon,Po- Kanda, District- Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, received one improved Jamunapari Breeder buck through Veterinary Hospital Kanda on 4th June 2017.
Jeevan Lal Verma reared the buck with scientific way at Hema Advanced Goat Breeding Unit Sunargaon by proper health care, providing concentrate feed, minerals, calcium, liver tonic and others according the Veterinary doctor. Manage proper house with wooden bed for safe living, 4 to 5 hours grazing near the village, providing clean water, monthly wash and regular deworming, so the buck is healthy. The unit spread awareness among the Goat Keepers — Balanced diet, Proper accommodation, Health management, Breed improvement.
The buck start natural Insemination from November 2017 to November 2021, and Jeevan Verma provided to local goat keepers free of cost.
Within 48 months Improved buck (Sultan) crossed 211 does (182 local and 29 cross breed does). Till  March 2021-  119 Does birth 203 upgraded kids (99 male and 104 female), Some more  kids are not in record .Local Goat keepers are very happy to produced improved goat kids.
This Project support reducing migration from Uttarakhand villages empowering women’s, generating employment, doubling poor goat keeper families and producing organic meat and milk.
Farmer – to -farmer best extension model is being undertaken by this unit , Farmer’s group from different parts visited and study of the Advanced scientific way managed Dairy, Goatry, Poultry, Organic Vegetable production and Agriculture practice.

We thanks to our Veterinary Doctor Kanda Dr.Gokarn Singh Kharayat ji  ,C V O Bageshwar  Dr. Udai Shankar ji and other veterinary Staff.
Gopal Ratna Jeevan Verma
Mobile no-+91 8954868561

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