Rural Eco Sustainable tourism Uttarakhand, India

Rural Tourism Uttarakhand, India.
Travel to Rural India and stay with a ROSE Home Stay host.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is regulated under the newly launched scheme the Guest Uttarakhand Home Stay Scheme (2015) Registration No-02 / Home Stay, Dated -16-12-2015 by the District Tourism Development Officer Bageshwar (Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board) in the village of Sunargawn of Kanda, District- Bageshwar, State- Uttarakhand, India.
We can host tourists all year round who want to experience a real life experience in Rural India in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the foothills of the Himalayas (elevation 1700 meters approx ).
My dear friend thanks, we greatly appreciate it if you can promoting in your network for good cause. We are a small NGO in the beautiful valley of Kanda,Uttrakhand. We are a self-help grass roots non-profit NGO who run micro projects through our volunteers’ funds Knowledge, and skills. We would like to reach out to international students, volunteers, social activists, Eco and budget tourists. A volunteering opportunity with Responsible and Sustainable Rural tourism Uttarakhand, India.
I am pleased to send you your questions reply . Covid 19 discount 4 packages for only domestic visitors for 7, 14, 21, 30 days which must include stay, meals, internet, activities and volunteering work for learning along with pricing.
7 days — Rs.10,000/- + Volunteering opportunity Rs.5,000/-
14 days — Rs. 18,000/-+ Volunteering opportunity Rs.10,000/-
21 days– Rs. 26,000/-+ Volunteering opportunity Rs.15,000/-
30 days– Rs. 40,000/- + Volunteering opportunity Rs.22,000/-
Activities —
1– Taught English in the local school while also learning the Hindi language when school will be open .
2– Studied Eco Rural Sustainable Tourism, Environment protection, and Eco-development .
3–Cultural Exchange, gaining rural real knowledge , Enjoying with the nature, refreshing mind and body, relexing with the family, join family life and reducing stress, incresing knowledge about real rural India and its livelihood / life style/tradition/ culture/ heretage / human beheviour / patience /sence of humor. 4– Used our amazing back drop for filming projects for their university courses.
5– Helped to market R.O.S.E as a Non Profit NGO that promotes strengthen the quality of life In the local community
6– Created marketing campaigns International integrity, Websitedesign, networking, office help, slideshow, PPD developning.
7–Study of the Local skill / craft / traditional technology / knowledge / heritage learning.
8– Participating Micro dairy ,Advanced Goat breeding unit , Organic kitchen gardening, Organic farming , house chores and other according the time and need at ROSE Home Stay,
Volunteering opportunities —
1– Installed renewable energy sources ie Solar street lamps and lights
in poor village’s homes.
2–Organic Farming / Gardening, Composting /Tree plantation, Village Sanitation , garbage disposal, water management, and others.
3–Construction of toilets for poor local families, renovating and
maintaining a path, if group then construction of the houses , temple building,Community meeting hall , Smokeless ventilated kitchen for ROSE Home Stay,other buildings, soil conservation and others according the funds and need.
4–. Funded Rural Architecture development and Eco Construction in the areas.
5– Construction or renovate of the poor family house , cattle shed, goat shed, poultry shed , kitchen , bathroom and others according the need and funds.
6– Establishment of the micro Advanced Goat keeping, Feeding poor families, feeding cattle dairy unit , Goat unit , poultry unit , providing health care , medication and feed supplement to poor families human , cattle, goats , poultry and others.…/…/10208985433333895…/
Jeevan verma–mobile no- +91 8954868561

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