The following are various research papers people have written about the project here at Kanda.

  • September 1999 Brigid McKay New Zealand
    Study on Eco Tourism in Kanda by the financial support of International Centre For Integrated Mountain Development Kathmandu Nepal.
  • April 2001 Prof. Tej Vir Singh and Prof. Shalini Singh, Centre For Tourism Research and Development, Indra Nagar Lucknow.
    Visited and research on Altrustic Tourism: Another Shada Of Sustainable Tourism. The Case of Kanda Community. Published in Tourism Recreation Research Vol.50, No:4, 2002 (also Vol.28(2), 2003).
  • Chapter on “Kanda” in the book ‘Novelty Tourism’ published in UK (CAB International) .
  • May 2004 Pekka Mustonen Researcher, Turku School of Economics Turku Finland research on Reppureissaus on Utta Massaturismia Travellerit tallovat tuttuja polkuja. Published in S K Sunnuntai 27.5.2007.
  • July 2005 Eric Coleman University Researcher from USA study on Rural Eco / Voluntary Tourism.

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