Mr Jeevan Verma to empower his village through positive aspects of Tourism.

Rural Organization for Social Empowerment – ROSE is a voluntourism/village tourism organisation started by Mr Jeevan Verma to empower his village through positive aspects of Tourism.

What inspired me?

Jeevan uncle belongs to small village where he is limited by the very little resources he can manage and yet he chooses to push his dream of creating a sustainable future for his village, by managing with what ever government and private resources available to him. He spends hai day learning to use a computer, using social media to promote his work.

His knowledge about animal husbandry and cross breading is phenomenal. He has done notable work in Goat breeding and has been recognised multiple times by the Govt. Of India.

He has an amazing family, where everyone is so connected to each other, they share laughs and they share stories. They had their own problems to deal with but never for once i saw them complain about anything

Opportunities with R.O.S.E.

Voluntourism Activities –

  1. Teaching at local school
  2. Building low cost infrastructure and Sanitation facilitates
  3. Rural resources management and planning
  4. Organic Farming

Tourism –

1.Bird Watching

  1. Village Walks
  2. Temple hoping
  3. Cultural/Cuisine exploration

Experience of Mornings in the Village

Every morning, when I perched my head out of the pillow, i opened my bleary eyes, half awake and asleep, the warm feeling of the first light of dawn falling on my face through the window persuaded me to wake up. The sweet sounds of Himalayan Bulbul intermingled with joyful children voices made it even harder to go back to my dreams as the reality seemed more appealing, the musky smell of pine covers, fileds and the fresh cooked breakfast pretermit all the tiredness in my veins, I woke up fresh with a smile every morning.

I would humbly like to ask you to you visit him next time you are in Uttrakhand. Everything we do requires monetary support and so does Gopal Ratna Jeevan Verma, please support his effort by exploring rural tourism with him.

Jeevan Verma

Mobile no- +91 8954868561






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