Development Education opportunity in Rural India Home of the Teacher (Gurukul)

Home of the teacher (Gurukul) in Rural Tourism for social service volunteering opportunity at Rose Home Stay Village-Sunargaon , PO-Kanda, District- Bageshwar, State-Uttarakhand, India .

The  Home of the Teacher  concept embodies one of the earliest learning systems in India’s cultural history, livelihood, lifestyle, unique traditional cooking, community social behavior, ecosystem, education system, socioeconomic  relation.    Home of the Teacher, was the place where worldwide volunteers/ students/ pupils/ study and research persons / travelers/ tourists /adventure people/ nature lovers/ wellness interested people/ Indian food lovers / interested in living with Indian family as a family members / interested in helping local people/ willing to support needy community people /families and others come to live with teacher as members of the family, Admission required a formal initiation ceremony through which the pupils left the home of their natural parents for that of the Teacher (Guru), thereby, physical birth in the parents’ home become distinct from spiritual re-birth in the Teacher/Guru’s domain with its discipline of life, dress, diet, study, social and religious practices.

Home of Teacher (Gurukul) continues to the present day as a system of learning and also India’s past with modern times.

The Home of Teacher (Gurukul )concept thus has special potential in Increasing Diversity in Tourism / Rural Tourism which is based on India’s diverse cultural heritage and traditional art and craft skills. Virtually all rural tourism sites possess a craft or other traditional skill, based on learning which has been carried forward by teacher/gurus and pupal  /shishyas.

This attribute can create tourism attractions in every season, foe every interest. Visitors from overseas and within India, including students from schools, Collages or professional institutions can thus enrich their tourism experience or enhance their craft skills by undertaking a Home of the Teacher (Grukul) itinerary.

The Home of the Teacher ( Gurukul) process in Rural voluntary Tourism is based on identification of specially skilled crafts persons and specialists in various mediums , around whom an instructional stay can be structured, including Home-Stay . The learning process would be calibrated for different levels of pupal (shishya) proficiency, visitor time and varying levels of instruction in each course. The essential elements of discipline, dress, diet, study and social practices would be incorporated to provide contextual flavor. To this would be added other visitor attractions of the location such as heritage site, wildlife, indigenous healing system or fairs and festivals. This list is not exhaustive and would be embellished by a variety of site-specific attractions.

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