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Volunteering Adventure Tourism Rural India / Development Education Responsible Tourism Uttarakhand, India

Open skies calling to the daring .Nature is all about adventure ,and adventure is all about redefining your limits. Uttarakhand:Are you up to it?
ROSE Volunteering, Mostly International volunteers, Students, Donors,
Social Activists, Budget Tourists, Eco Tourists, Holiday Tourists
Welcome to you, we have opportunity Public School -Nursery to
10th class you can Teach English and other subjects and learn Hindi
language , study and gaining experience any project with them such as
teaching English / art/ craft/ rhyme/ play / yoga /nutrition /value
education to small kids, computer networking, fund raising, Marketing
,building / toilets construction or renovation / path maintenance (if
funds allow), organic farming house keeping, cooking and other
according to the time and funds availability . You can also visit
villages, craft site, nature site, cultural exchange, home stay,
livelihood study, local cooking, life style and others.
Jeevan Verma
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Development Education opportunity with ROSE Kanda, India
Welcome to ROSE Kanda Bageshwar–VID-20201018-WA0000.mp4,Uttarakhand,+India/


India To Make An Impact
By: Divya Kilikar
Published On: April 27, 2018
Plenty of studies have been done to prove that volunteering is not just good for the NGO, but has many perks in store for you as well. People who volunteer regularly have been known to live longer and happier, establish healthy relationships and feel more fulfilled. But that’s not all. Volunteering turns out to be one of the cheapest ways to travel, as most NGOs provide room and meals for modest prices during the program. This also paves the way for a rich, cultural experience where you can interact with the locals and learn their way of life.
Moreover, volunteering is known to be great for your career as it provides insight to help make career choices and also find some valuable contacts along the way!
Here are five rewarding volunteer programs you can try out in some of India’s most picturesque regions.
NGO: Rural Organization for Social Elevation
Where: Kanda, Uttarakhand


We would like to—Employment generating for unemployed youths, women, disabled people and poor families livelihood and reducing migration from villages to cities.
in Village – Sunargaon (Kanda) District- Bageshwar (Kumaon) Hills of State- Uttarakhand.
Mostly poor families rearing goat but the new technology, research achievements, Demonstration project, and assistance are not available in this areas.
1. Here Goat rearing is a very weak condition because of poor goat keepers not able to expend any money for the goat breeding improvement, nutrition, safe shelter for hill areas, good feeding, health care and others. Goats are depended on only semi-intensive systems poor local breed only for meat, so the goat production very low weight.
2. If you have any Extension small program under the Lab To Land for the Goat Buck for breeding please Benefiting our areas,
3. If you would like to start Demonstration project micro unit for goat livelihood development program here we greatly appreciate your efforts and thanks to you.
4. – Improving high meat production breeding with new technology as scientific way.
5-Starting micro breeding farm by artificial insemination by local Vet worker at Kanda, district- Bageshwar. State- Uttarakhand.
6- Establishing pilot Demonstration ideal goat rearing micro unit by the support of friends. Providing high meat production breed buck and does to poor farmers on no loss no profit basis by the support of
7- Motivating local goat keepers’ farmers for adopting new technology.
8- Organizing training program locally with the chart, posters, and audiovisual resources.
9- Survey of the local goat farmers and got rearing problems. and try to solve those problems.
10. I hope you would like to help us,
11. I have some training and experience in the animal husbandry attached certificates’.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
with the best wishes.
your sincerely
Gopal Ratna Jeevan Lal Verma

Whats App no- +91 8954868561

social volunteering work

From: Merline Mary

In this life of hustle and bustle, it has become difficult to free one’s self for volunteer work. While everyone is busy in his own life, it is sometimes difficult to convince people to contribute to social causes. Most people end up on giving money as their form of help and avoid to give time as a volunteer. Money cannot suffice without manpower. So I have decided to engage myself in social volunteering work so that I can contribute to the world from my part.
This mail is to inquire

Rose Hoe Stay

and apply for volunteering.
Kindly take a moment to look in to my profile and let me know if my profile suits any of your volunteer needs.
Jeevan Verma
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Development Education opportunity with ROSE Kanda, India

Voluntary Rural Tourism Uttarakhand ,India.

Worldwide tourists ,students, research scholars, study person, volunteers, donors,documentary film makers ,photographers, bird watchers,nature lover, and others like our opportunity and long stay with us enjoyed as a family member ,gained real rural experience ,removed mental stress,improved health fitness to eat fresh organic home cooked unique local delicious food. we greatly appreciating your exploring and motivating efforts for good cause.
My dear friend thanks, we greatly appreciate it if you can promoting in your network for good cause.
We would like to reach out to worldwide students, volunteers, social activists, Eco and budget tourists. A volunteering opportunity with Responsible and Sustainable Rural tourism Uttarakhand, India.
Jeevan Verma
Whats App no- +91 8954868561

Development Education opportunity with ROSE Kanda, India
Welcome to ROSE Kanda Bageshwar–VID-20201018-WA0000.mp4,Uttarakhand,+India/