What’s it Cost?

So. is this one of those places you can only visit if you have a spare month or two? …and is it expensive?

How long should I stay?

There is no minimum or maximum length of stay at R.O.S.E., though it will probably take you the first five days or so just to get oriented to the rhythm of daily life.  A two week to one month stay is probably ideal, but it depends on the purpose of your trip.  You are welcome to stay for any length of time.

What are the costs?

The recommended contribution is 1500 rupees per day, or 10,000 rupees per week.  This covers not just the cost of your room and board, but makes it possible to do things like; pay the teacher at the school, hire a carpenter and buy building materials or create some other local job that helps R.O.S.E., help the community. In a nutshell your contribution gives you the opportunity to take part in doing something worthwhile.

Discounts can be negotiated if you are unable to pay that amount.

For those interested in a stay of several months expect to receive a 20% reduction in the recommended weekly rate.

If you decide before you arrive that you would like to fund a project from abroad then the cost to you will be only the project costs.  See the Projects Page for details of different projects and their costs.  R.O.S.E. would need to receive 50% of the project cost in advance to arrange and pay for materials.


Rural Organization for Social Elevation