Partnering & Funding

The following organisations have formed a partnership with R.O.S.E. and Mr Verma.See their websites for further information


K.S.S./R.O.S.E. is in constant need of funding. All past major projects, for example the building of the latrines, have been funded by volunteers through fundraising activities before their stay in Kanda. This does not mean volunteers may only come with major funds in their luggage, because the added value of the volunteer comes through the provision of labour for work that otherwise may not be afforded. This is especially the case for building projects in the community that already have materials funding and planting or harvesting. Those visitors solely interesting in cultural exchange, rather than volunteer work are also welcome. However securing funding is a sure way to ensure constant employment on a new or major project that can benefit the community in the long term.

If you would like to help ROSE but do not want to volunteer in Kanda, there are many ways you can help:

Kanda people need clothes, general medications (aspirin, plasters, fever reducer, disinfectants, etc), paper and pencils for the school, vegetable and/or flower seeds, agricultural tools, etc. You can also send money, which will be used for the most urgent needs or for future projects. Mention if you want the money to be used for a special cause.

Spread the Word
You can talk about ROSE to people around you. Maybe some people you know would like to come in Kanda or make a donation. Any form of publicity for this cause is most welcome. Those involved in University life are in especially good positions to promote the needs of the project via University magazines and newsletters/societies.

Additionally, you can always ask Mr Verma for more information on how to help ROSE via his email.

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