Getting There

Kanda is a remote village.  You can get there on your own or request assistance from Jeevan in arranging transportation.

To get to Kanda on your own you can take a luxury overnight bus to Haldwani.  Check for schedules and fares. The travel time to Haldwani from Delhi is about 8 hours.     From Haldwani  you can take public, local buses with unreserved seating.   People are friendly and will point you in the right direction.  The public bus is much less expensive, but also less comfortable. The travel time from Haldwani to Kanda on local buses is about 10 hours.

Train travel is very popular in India and to get a reserved seat or berth (highly recommended) you need to book at least three weeks in advance.  As of this writing the online reservation system is not available to non-Indians, so it is recommended to have the help of a travel agent.  It’s also a good idea, if you know you’re date of departure from R.O.S.E to book you’re onward travel at the same time.

If you’d like assistance navigating India’s complex transportation options then please let Jeevan recommend a travel agent to help you with your bus or train booking.

It is possible to get some special quota tickets the day before your journey from the Delhi Railway Station. Haldwani is the last stop on the train journey.  From there your host can arrange transportation.

The cost for a private car for two people from Haldwani to R.O.S.E. (about 200 km) is about 6,000 rupees, plus 3,000 rupees for each additional person.

The cost for a private car from Bageshwar to R.O.S.E (about 30 km) is about 1500 rupees for two people, plus 500 rupees for each additional person.

Are you ready to reserve your stay at R.O.S.E.?  Contact Jeevan.

Or would you like to know a bit more about life in Kanda?

Rural Organization for Social Elevation