Current projects

R.O.S.E. Kanda needs continuing support and unfortunately, for unknown reasons, has seen a drop in the number of volunteers in recent years. This has resulted in a lack of funding and resources which has prevented the village from launching any new projects. There are, however, a number of ongoing projects from previous years that volunteers can contribute to.

These include teaching at the local primary school, specifically set up by R.O.S.E Kanda for the poorest families in the village who can’t afford to pay for their education. Children range from 2-8 years old and classes are no more than 20 students, running from 7.30am-midday. Volunteers are encouraged to come and teach the children English songs and games during their play time and join in with English and Maths lessons from 9am onwards.

Whether or not you have a specific project in mind, the Verma family offer the option of a homestay – following the principals of eco-tourism. Here, guests pay a small contribution for the opportunity to experience rural Indian life as an extra member of the family: staying in the family home with authentic family meals and helping out where needed. In order to cover the cost of your stay a monetary contribution is required but compared to many other volunteering programs this is very small for the invaluable experience and the warm welcome you will receive. Furthermore most of this contribution is a means of fundraising for new projects in the village as the living costs are fairly low in the family home.

Alternatively, if volunteers are able to fundraise before they arrive in Kanda they would have the opportunity to carry out a chosen FUTURE PROJECT and see something they are personally interested in develop during their stay. In this case, any extra homestay charge would be overlooked and all donations would go directly to their chosen future project.

Looking towards the future and in particular overcoming its recent fundraising obstacle is currently R.O.S.E. Kanda’s main concern. In this respect, the homestay option (even for the shortest periods of time) is actively encouraged and any donations gratefully received.

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